Radiometer Physics GmbH


RPG on the Meteorological Technology World Expo

 2012-09-25: The RPG-HATPRO microwave radiometer is on display during the Meteorological Technology World EXPO 2012.
When: October 16 – 18, 2012
Where: Brussels Expo, Hall 11, Stand 3005

New Microwave Scintillometer Instrument

 2012-09-28: The MWSC-160 Microwave Scintillometer was jointly developed by RPG and Wageningen University (The Netherland) with support by STW (Stichting voor de Technische Wetenschappen)
• Direct measurement of latent heat flux
• 160 GHz transmit/receive system
• Amplitude stability of transmitter: 2.5e-6
• 10 kHz detection bandwidth
• 300 mm Cassegrain optics
• Technology heritage: Space products and radiometer technology (Technical Note available)


New Fast Fourier Transform Spectrometer

 2011-04-27: The xFFTS was developed by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, and is available through RPG:
• 2.5 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
• 32.768 channels eavailable
• up to 8 xFFTS units combined in one crate / controller (data sheet available)