RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

Corrugated Horn Antennas

RPG has been designing and manufacturing electroformed corrugated horns for over 20 years.  Quality control of the process to space-qualification standards ensures no fluid or air-inclusions, which is damaging in a vacuum environment.  The cut-away inspection of a corrugated horn shown above. Corrugated feed horns have been made higher than 1.5THz.



  • Low frequency limit: 6 GHz (maximum horn length: 600 mm, 400 mm apperture)
  • High frequency limit: up to 1470 GHz (1 mm apperture)
  • Optical analysis of horns with in-house simulation software
  • Electro-formed horns can be made for cryogenic applications (ridges free of liquid inclusions)
  • Apperture lenses for horn length reduction available
  • Space qualified horns

TypeRF FrequencyRF PortHorn LengthAperturePart-No.
FH CG XXX (customized)XXX GHzWRXX (UG387/UM)-- mm-- mm06100018
FH CG 9494 GHzWR10 (UG387/UM)50.2 mm16 mm06100009
FH CG 340340 GHzWR2.2 (UG387/UM)22 mm2.7 mm06100016
FH CG 380380 GHzWR2.2 (UG387/UM)22 mm6.311 mm06100042