RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

FS-Z Mixer


RPG offers broadband harmonic mixers with an integrated isolator (50 – 220 GHz) for optimum RF matching. Hence standing waves, usually degrading RF power measurement accuracy, are suppressed.
With each mixer covering a full waveguide band, the complete frequency range from 50 to 500 GHz becomes accessible for accurate power and frequency response measurements.


  • Low conversion loss with reduced inband ripple
  • Excellent VSWR with isolated input port
  • Replaceable Precision Test Port Adapter
  • Calibration table based on traceable standards for WR10, WR12 and WR15
  • Conversion loss data provided in file format
  • 3 port design
  • compatible with R&S Spectrum Analyzers


  • General RF Power and Frequency measurements
  • Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • NF Measurement
  • Network Analysis
  • Radiated Emission measurements
  • Tx/Rx Systems and Compact Ranges
  • Antenna Measurements


Common specifications for all Spectrum Analyzer Mixers in this series:

IF & LO Interface: SMA-F




TypeFrequency Range [GHz]RF PortLO Harmonic No.LO Frequency [GHz]LO Power Range [dBm]IF FrequencyRF VSWR1 dB Compr. point [dBm (typ.)]Conversion Loss [dB]Traceable StandardIF Frequency [GHz]Part-No.
FS-Z6040 - 60WR19 (UG385/U)48.6 to 15.4+191.6:1 (typ.)0max. 25, typ. 23fully referenced400 MHz to 3.2 GHz23000011
FS-Z7550 - 75WR15 (UG385/U)68 to 12.84+13.5 to +16500 MHz to 3.2 GHz1.5:1, 1.4:1 (typ.)-6max. 24, typ. 20fully referenced1048.0271.02
FS-Z9060 - 90WR12 (UG387/UM)67.44 to 15.34+13.5 to +16500 MHz to 3.2 GHz1.5:1, 1.4:1 (typ.)-7max. 30, typ. 23fully referenced1048.0371.02
FS-Z11075 - 110WR10 (UG387/UM)87.5 to 14+13.5 to +16500 MHz to 3.2 GHz1.5:1, 1.4:1 [typ.)-3max. 25, typ. 20fully referenced1048.0471.02
FS-Z14090 - 140WR08 (UG387/UM)109 to 14+13.5 to +1610 MHz to 3 GHz1.5:1-3typ. 28Power meter reference3622.0708.02
FS-Z170110 - 170WR06 (UG387/UM)129.13 to 14.13+13.5 to +1610 MHz to 1 GHz1.6:1-3typ. 303622.0714.02
FS-Z220140 - 220WR5.1 (UG387/UM)168.72 to 13.72+13.5 to +1610 MHz to 1 GHz1.5:1-5max. 48; typ. 32Power meter reference3593.3250.02
FS-Z325220 - 325WR3.4 (UG387/UM)2210 to 14.77+13 to +1610 MHz to 1 GHz2.7:1-5typ. 40Power meter reference3593.3267.02
FS-Z500325 - 500WR2.2 (UG387/UM)369.02 to 13.88+14 to +155 MHz to 3 GHz2.7:1-3max. 65, typ. 58Power meter reference3593.3273.02

   (Each Spectrum Analyzer Mixer comes with a calibration file on an USB-Stick to upload to a R&S FS-Z (SAM).)

   1 The actual IF frequency depends on the used spectrum analyzer. Conversion loss tables are supplied for 404.4 MHz, 729 MHz and 1330 MHz.