RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

Fullband Subharmonic Mixers

Our Sub Harmonic Mixer are based on zero-bias balanced anti-parallel planar Schottky diodes and are suitable for all types of heterodyne detection systems with the advantage of the local oscillator operating at one half of the target frequency.




Common specifications for all Subharmonic Mixers in this series.

IF Port:    2.92 mm  male/female

TypeRF Frequency [GHz]RF PortLO Frequency [GHz]LO PortConversion Loss (DSB)Part-No.
SHM 75-11075 - 110WR10 (UG387/UM)32.5 - 55WR20 (UG383/M)typ. 9 dB02000051
SHM 110-170110 - 170WR6.5 (UG387/UM)55 - 85WR13 (UG387/UM)typ. -10 dB02000038
SHM 140-220140 - 220WR5.1 (UG387/UM)70 - 110WR10 (UG387/UM)typ. -10 dB02000019
SHM 170-260170 - 260WR4.3 (UG387/UM)85 - 130WR8 (UG387/UM)typ. 12 dB02000025
SHM 220-330220 - 330WR3.4 (UG387/UM)110 - 165WR6.5 (UG387/UM)typ. -12 dB02000022