RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

RPG-Radiometer Physics GmbH - one of the leading suppliers for remote sensing, millimeter wave, sub-mm and THz instrumentation and components

RPG Radiometer physics GmbH products cover the frequency spectrum from several GHz up to 2 THz. Our production capabilities and our design range from standard products to customized solutions. The design and characterization of specialized components and integration of custom systems such as radiometers, Cloud Radar, Scintillometers as well as mm-wave and terahertz products.



RPG has recently delivered to ESO a prototype of dual-polarized sideband separating receiver (2SB) operating at room temperature for the ALMA Band 2+3 bands. This receiver has been designed to cover an extremely wide bandwidth (67-116 GHz) without any mechanical an electrical tuning required. Its operation extends beyond the standard WR-10 waveguide range (75-110 GHz). This receiver features ultra-wideband isolators, mixers, splitters + filters parts, as well as powerful LO source to drive both polarization channels. The results were presented at the Int. Symp. on Space THz Technology conference ISSTT-2018 in Caltech, Pasadena, USA (proceedings available on website: https://www.nrao.edu/meetings/isstt/)”. A link to the poster is found here.