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RPG manufactures state-of-the-art microwave components and systems operating at cm- mm- and sub-mm frequencies (1.4 GHz to 2 THz) for scientific, commercial and military applications.

RPGs product spectrum is split into five major application fields:


RPG Radiometer physics GmbH (RPG) - History

The company was founded as a GmbH in 1991 by Dr. Peter Zimmermann, who previously had worked more than 20 years at the MPI for Radio Astronomy in Bonn / Germany (MPIfR) and also for a couple of years at JPL / NASA on the first Microwave Limb Sounder project. In the beginning, the major activities were focused on developing mixers and local oscillators up to THz frequencies and their integration into complete receiver systems. As the market for microwave high frequency technology increased, RPG’s work force had grown to 15 employees in 1998, so that the company moved into a new and larger building in Meckenheim / Germany. In 2002, Dr. Peter Zimmermann transferred most of the company shares to his sons and to Dr. Thomas Rose, who had joined RPG in 1992. In 2002 Dr. Thomas Rose became one of the new managing directors.

In 2003, RPG successfully entered the remote sensing market of meteorological instruments so that the total number of employees grew up to 30 in 2007.

As a consequence of RPG’s beginning development activities for network and spectrum analyzer extensions for Rohde & Schwarz GmbH (R&S) Analyzers since 2006, R&S bought 25% of the company shares in 2007.

Due to the very fruitful collaboration between RPG and R&S, the development and manufacturing capabilities in the measurement equipment area were significantly boosted. Since 2010 R&S owns 75% of RPG’s shares. In 2023, RPG has grown to over 70 employees.