RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

ALMA 2018

RPG has recently delivered to ESO a prototype of dual-polarized sideband separating receiver (2SB) operating at room temperature for the ALMA Band 2+3 bands. This receiver has been designed to cover an extremely wide bandwidth (67-116 GHz) without any mechanical an electrical tuning required. Its operation extends beyond the standard WR-10 waveguide range (75-110 GHz). This receiver features ultra-wideband isolators, mixers, splitters + filters parts, as well as powerful LO source to drive both polarization channels. The results were presented at the Int. Symp. on Space THz Technology conference ISSTT-2018 in Caltech, Pasadena, USA (proceedings available on website: https://www.nrao.edu/meetings/isstt/)”. A link to the poster is found here.