RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

Humidity And Temperature PROfilers

RPG's profiling radiometers are mainly used to derive vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and humidity (RPG-HATPRO). The infrared radiometer extension allows to cloud base height and ice cloud detection.The radiometer series covers high-resolution temperature profiling of the boundary layer and low-humidity applications. All models of the series provide accurate total amounts of atmospheric water vapor and cloud liquid cloud. RPG radiometers are stand-alone systems for automated weather-station use under nearly all environmental conditions.  A variety of retrieval algorithms (custom designed and global standard algorithms) can be selected.



Meteorological observations, Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), forecasting, now-casting, climate monitoring, aviation meteorology, astronomy, geodesy.



Two bands, 22-31 GHz (7 channel filter bank humidity profiler and LWP radiometer) and 51-58 GHz (7 channel filter bank temperature profiler)


Retrieved data types:

  • vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature
  • vertical profile of atmospheric humidty (relative and absolute humidity)
  • Liquid Water Path (LWP)
  • Integrated Water Vapor (IWV)
  • wet delay
  • dry delay
  • stability indices


This system is very similar to the RPG-LWP liquid water path (two channel) radiometer: Only the receiver systems vary, housing and additional sensors are basically the same.



Different model types of profiling radiometers are available.

Model Frequencies Applications
HATPRO 22.24 – 31.4 GHz,
51.0 – 58.0 GHz
Humidity + temperature profiles (high precision in boundary layer), clouds, IWV, LWP, stability
LHATPRO 51.0 – 58.0 GHz, 183.31 GHz
(6 DSB-channels to ±7.5 GHz)
Like HATPRO, but for Low-humidity (high altitudes, cold environments, PWV < 3 mm)
TEMPRO 51.0 – 58.0 GHz Temperature profiles, Boundary layer temperature profiling
HUMPRO 22.24 – 31.4 GHz Humidity profiles, clouds, IWV, LWP
LUMPRO 183.31 GHz (6 DSB-channels up to ±7.5 GHz) Low-Humidity high-precision profiles (clouds: limited accuracy)