RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

Power Amplifiers

RPG Medium Power Amplifiers are developed and manufactured by using most modern discrete components and thin film technologies, in order to cover the frequency range 50 to 130 GHz. With improved DC-supply and modern semiconductors these medium power amplifiers not only deliver high power output but also superior power added efficiency (PAE) and higher linearity. These medium power amplifiers are available as a standard product and on request as a customized manufactured product..



  • High Output Power
  • Broad Band
  • High Gain


TypeRF Frequency [GHz]RF PortGain [dB (typ)]Psat [dB (typ)]Part-No.
V-MPA 50-70 20 1650 - 70WR15 (UG385/UM)201603100033
E-MPA 67-87 16 1467 - 87WR12 (UG387/UM)161403100034
E-MPA 74-80 10 2074 - 80WR12 (UG387/UM)102003100035
W-MPA 78-90 10 1878 - 90WR10 (UG387/UM)101803100009