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Unpolarized Radiometers

Dual Polarisation Radiometers

Areas of Application

RPG offers microwave and sub-mm radiometers for a wide range of applications. We deliver turn-key systems with fully functional software control and data acquisition with state-of-the-art technology.

Our microwave radiometers are used for measurements of

  • Vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature (up to 10 km)
  • High-precision vertical profiles of boundary-layer temperature
  • Vertical profiles of atmospheric humidity (up to 10 km, absolute and relative humidity)
  • Column-integrated total amount of water vapour (IWV, integrated water vapour, kg/m²)
  • Column-integrated total amount of liquid water (LWP, liquid water path, kg/m²)
  • Vertical profiles of cloud liquid water (limited resolution)
  • Atmospheric stability (now-casting of convection, thunderstorms)
  • Measurement of fog
  • Zenith and slant path wet delay, dry delay, total delay
  • Attenuation of radio-propagation
  • Soil moisture, snow- and vegetation cover